There are a couple possibilities why you aren't getting campaigns.

NEVER got Campaigns

Your request for joining as an influencer is not accepted by the Influencer Manager. This might be cos of two reasons:

    • Details submitted by you were Questionable. We discourage fake accounts. Unless you verify your authenticity in such a case, you will not have your ticket in.
    • Influencer Manager is Sleeping! Well, write to us at and we shall immediately bug the Influencer Manager to get you in right away...


Got some Campaigns earlier

You interest buckets chosen at the login don't match with that of the campaign requirements set by the Brand

    • The brands have a liberty to choose influencers based on the interest buckets chosen. If the brand's choice of influencers match, then you shall receive the invite to be a part of the campaign
    You have been Blacklisted.
      • We have a strict policy against plagiarism and fake tweeting. If you are blacklisted, you can never work on any campaigns with TeraReach. EVER.